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2008 Trips

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The journal entries below will  be the last at this location. I have a new blog where my new journal entries will be made subsequently. The archives for all the previous years will remain on this web site. The address to my "Diary of a Fly Fisherman" blog is http://flyfishnm.blogspot.com. Please visit the new location for my newer journal entries.


July 23, 2008

Red River, NM


My wife Ella and I have been planning a fishing trip for about a month. We decided to go to fish the Upper Red River.

We arrived at our lodge in Red River on the afternoon of the 23rd and after getting settled in we took a long walk through town and had a very nice dinner at Texas Red’s steakhouse before going back to our room in the late afternoon. We sat and relaxed for the evening strategizing how and where we would fish on Thursday.


July 24, 2008



After a good night’s sleep we got up early, put our fishing costumes on and headed downstream from town and started fishing at the first access we saw. We both quickly realized the river was still high from the winter runoff and summer rains. This river was very difficult fish because toe pools were virtually gone with the water roaring down through the narrow canyon. Where the river widen the water was a little better.


By 11:00 am we had only got one fish each to go after the end of our lines. We headed back for town for a late breakfast and I suggested we drive through bobcat pass and fish the Cimarron River in Cimarron canyon. We were fishing on the Cimarron by 1:30 pm. The water in the Cimarron was clear but a little higher than normal, but much better than Red River.


Ella hadn’t been to the Cimarron before so this was a treat for both of us. The fishing was much better the Red. We fished the Cimarron until late afternoon bring some fish to hand but release them all. We got back to the lodge long before dark. Ella cooked us a real nice dinner and we relaxed for the rest of the evening. We talked about checking out early and fishing the Rio Honda and the lower Rio Grande near Pilar on Friday. We both thought it was great idea.


July 25, 2008

Arroyo Honda and Pilar


We checked out early Friday morning and on our way downstream from Red River we tried to find a good spot to fish but there were none. We continued on to Arroyo Honda to fish the Rio Hondo and it was running higher and swifter than the Red so we continued on to Pilar.


We arrive at Pilar by late morning and drove back into the canyon to see how the water was running in the Rio Grande.


All the places we stopped very high and the water was murky…almost chocolate colored and we both decided we should call it a day. We stopped in Pojoaque, NM west of Santa Fe and entertained ourselves for a couple of hours and proceeded for home in the late afternoon.


This was one of the toughest fishing trips we have been through together because Ella and I both usually catch a lot of fish and Ella almost always catches to first, the most and the largest. Having said that, I must say this was one the best trips we have been on together. We spent a great deal of time together just having fun and we both enjoyed it… that’s what it’s really all about in my opinion.


“tight lines” Phil Springer


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