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“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment.” Ansel Adams


I like the shapes of rocks, the natural dirt and clay structures formed by years of rain, wind and erosion in the valleys, hills and the mountains over time. These are all excellent models for photography and pen and ink drawings alike.


I like the combination of water, foliage and mountains as a back drop or a dirt road in the foreground crossing through sections of open prairie grass with a single tree or two or an old shack in the midst of it all.


These shapes, shadows, textures, darks and lights, create compositions in my mind. Landscape photography can be difficult but there are so many opportunities out there if you can learn to see what the best to shoot is. Ansel Adams' quote above is quite accurate.


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Wildlife photography has always been the most difficult for me. The animals don’t pose as well as landscapes and old buildings, especially when they are running or flying. Correct Exposure and f/stop is what the goal is, in my opinion. Of course tack sharp focus is the key to it all.


There is no better pleasure for me than to capture a beautiful bird stopped in flight…in focus with perfect exposure. It is easy to do if you practice and have patience and believe me, I am still in the practice mode. I hope you enjoy what I have captured in these photos.


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"A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature." Guillaume Apollinaire


Photographing structures has always intrigued me. I really enjoy older architecture no matter how primitive or in what form it might be. I like old barns, corrals, adobe ruins, and trees and so on.


I enjoy the patterns of wood grain and the shadows and shapes and the unusual textures you might see in everything from an old fence line or an old wooden ramp for loading cattle for transport or an old barn door. I like the shape and art of wrought iron structures. I really enjoy this part of Americana and feel blessed to be in the midst of it all.


There are so many opportunities in this part of the country to record these with a camera or some ink. Some might see a pile of rubble, an old wagon wheel or an unpainted old doorway and I see a chance to record another artifact, if you will.


Please Note: The first two photos in this gallery "The Trail Ahead..." sculpted by  Brian Norwood are "not for sale."


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 The miscellaneous section is all photos that do not fall under the other categories. Enjoy...

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